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The start of the Losail Racing season was a big success, with lots of great dices.

Check out the action here.


The start of the 2005-2006 Losail Track-day season was a big success. So to keep the guys up to pace, Tome and his team has organized another Track-Day for Saturday 17 December 2005.

The QMG Guys will meet at Rydges at 07:00 for a ride to the track, via the Golf Club fuel station. Come and join the fun.


Yes, you read it here first.

Tome and his team at Losail is working hard to bring the first Motorcycle Endurance Race to Qatar. This should take place during the month of April and is open for local Riders.

Info is at this stage very limited, but Tome said that it will be a three hour race, with pits stops allowed for rider, tyre and fuel changes. At this stage they are working on a maximum of 15 Teams of at least two riders per Team.

So, Guys and if there is Dolls out there, get your Teams organized and start practicing.

For the latest news, remember to come here often, as Tome will keep us informed of the latest developments.


TRACK DAY TIME 18 November 2005

The start of the 2005-2006 Losail Track-day season was a big success.

For the QMG guys it started with a ride from Rydges to the track, via the Golf Club fuel station.

It was a little overcast and a few drops fell, just enough to make the road rather slippery and the fuel station access road EXTRA slippery. I had a little slide with "The Truck" on the corner of the access road and while I was checking my tyre, (because I thought I picked up a puncture) we saw Peter executing a perfect slide on the same corner. Luckily he was OK and the Duke had a few minor scratches.

At the track registration was quick and inspection of the bikes just as quick.

Bikes were divided into two groups of about 16 riders each. Unfortunately the division was not based on experience or speed, so fast and slow guys were mixed. Tome, next time it might be a good idea to keep the fast guys and the slow guys separated.

The two groups each got three sessions of about 30 minutes each.

There were three/four little mishaps, nothing that needed the attention of Doc Tristan.

To Tome and his team, Thanks for a very enjoyable day.

The pictures of the day can be checked out here.

Please remember the pictures are optimized for the web. High quality photos can be ordered from Zapman.


Hey this joint is getting somewhere now. It now has its own forum. 

Check it out here.

AT LAST!!! Track Day 8 April 2005 Pictures

The pictures for the Losail Track Day held on the 8th of April are up.

Check out the action here.

These have been optimized for the web. If you are interested, high quality photos are available.

Friday Ride 11 Feb 2005

All interested in the Sand Rash, the guys congregate around Sealine at 10.30 and set up behind the “first dune on the right” – not sure exactly but you’ll see or hear them!!!

Check out last weeks Sand Rash action here.

Road rash peeps - We are gonna have a short ride tomorrow – up Salwa Road and along the new road to Um Saed, pop in to see if we can see the Sand Rash guys, (scrounge a cup of tea!!) and then a trundle back into town – maybe a stop at the Wakrah docks for a chat and then home.  Leave Rydges at 2.30 – surprise, surprise!!!!!

If anyone wants to organize a Saturday run, let me know and I’ll circulate details

Track Day 28 January 2005

Well, the excitement of rushing around the track is over – what an excellent day – more needed (BTW, the stated reason as to what is restricting the frequency is the availability of marshals – easily solved me thinks??)

Any one with photos or know of anyone who took photos, please let me know – I am collecting them all and will organize a gathering at mine to view and distribute – for those waiting for me to do this for the last one, I’ll combine the two – believe it or not I’ve not yet got the photos from Qatar Lens as promised – plus, I’m lazy!!!

Check out the photos here.

The cornering school in Dubai has been reorganized for 10 February 2005 – anyone interested, please contact me – there is a group of 5 Qatari guys going (Mansoor et al) and we could tag on with them.

The Qatar Motorbike Group (QMG)

In the interests of the image, regional and international identity and longevity of our ever-growing group of Motorcyclists, a group has been formed.

The steering committee has chosen a name that sits comfortably with all the requirements of fostering good spirit and so on.

Long may we be a part of the Qatar history and may those who are with us experience only good things.

Keep on coming back to this page for more happenings and associated drivel.

Oilfield Tour

The Oilfield Tour photos has been posted.

Just waiting for the story, but check it out so long.


The Harley shop has opened its doors and boy I think the other long established shops will have to put in some effort to catch up. Accessories, clothing, bikes, you name it, it is there. Prices seems to be fair and reasonable. Pity I ride another make, I will have to make a plan and speak to the "Minister of Finances".

For those who don’t know where it is, head along Airport Road, from Toyota to the Suzuki shop. Just after Suzuki, take a right (small road). Take the second turn to the left (even narrower road). Go down to the bottom and turn left. It is not accessible directly off D Ring Road. Enough parking for bikes, not much parking for cages.

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